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"I know it's a bit late, but I have been super busy after obtaining my Class B CDL License and getting on board with WMATA (Metro). You guys are amazing and I just want to take this moment to thank you tremendously. The training that I received helped me move forward confidently and start a career as a bus operator. Now I don't have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck! All because I stepped out on faith and took a chance with you all. CDL 4 Less definately has the best rates you will find and the training is second to none. I owe you all so much, and since I have obtained my license I have referred several friends and family members. You service is the best and I will continue to send people your way in the future. Thanks"

-- Stephanie Hart (10/14/14)

​"I would like to thank Rick and Fred this was one of the best ideas for me. I had my Class B and decided to go back for my Class A and failed it twice before i choose to try this school out. trust me when I say one of the best investments for your self they have it down to a tee. Great teaching keep you up with any classes they have open if there space. And nice people. If you are looking for a great school thats going to make sure you have all the skills and understanding of the Truck or Bus that you need for your CDL THIS THE SCHOOL FOR YOU! Thanks CDL 4 Less you guys are the best!"

-- Karl Harrison (05/08/15)

​"I was offered a job opportunity that required me to get my class B License very quickly. Choosing CDL4 allowed me to save time, money and pass the skills test on the first attempt. Tim and Rick give you everything you need to successfully get your CDL. Thanks again guys."

-- Charles (06/02/15)